74th Annual Bull and Gelding Sale in Red Bluff underway

Jan 28, 2015 7:49 PM

The drought has also put a dent in some sales at the 74th annual "Bull and Gelding Sale" in Red Bluff.
With only three days left until the highly-anticipated bull sale, ranchers from all over the country are keeping busy sifting and grooming their bulls.

"We have 251 bulls this year, which is lower than usual for us."

The ongoing drought in California has slashed the number of bulls that qualify to be sold at the "Bull and Gelding Sale" --
most of the bulls at this year's sale are from other states like Washington and Oregon.

Oregon native Kenny Read has been coming down to Red Bluff for the last 17 years to sell his "Black Angus" bulls.

"We sell 18-24 bulls a year, and this year we lost one bull."

Perhaps the most nerve-racking part about being a consigner is the grading process that could determine whether a bull is champion material -- or not.

"The bulls are graded on how they appear, how they walk, as well as how much muscle they have and how well- conditioned they are."

Buying a champion bull isn't exactly cheap.
These bulls can range anywhere from a couple thousand to 12-thousand dollars.

"The bulls brought us one-million dollars last year."

Let's not forget about the geldings and dogs -- they too go through a grading process before they can be labeled as prime livestock.

"We have a strong demand for bulls in california, so we are expecting big sales this year."

Geldings will be sold starting Friday at the Tehama County District Fairgrounds on Antelope Boulevard in Red Bluff.
The biggest and most important day of the sale is Saturday -- the sale of all champion bulls.

(photo courtesy: Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale)


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