6 teams with 10 or more losses most ever to reach Sweet 16

Mar 25, 2015 8:24 PM by Ross Field

AP Sports Writer

Six of the 16 teams in the NCAA Tournament's regional semifinals this week have 10 or more losses.

That's the most ever to advance that far in the tourney.

The fact North Carolina State, Xavier and UCLA have lost 13 games apiece elicits little more than a shrug from people in college basketball. They point to there being more opportunities to lose since regular seasons went from 28 to 31 games eight years ago.

Also, top programs are trying to schedule the best possible nonconference opponents to enhance their resumes for NCAA Tournament selection and seeding.

Plus, teams beat up each other playing 18 conference games in the strongest leagues.

Other Sweet 16 teams with double-digit losses are Michigan State and North Carolina, which have 11 each, and Oklahoma, which has 10.

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