5-year-old girl blows safety pin from nose

Mar 2, 2016 9:03 PM by NBC News

A 5-year-old girl who suffered sinus problems for six months finally blew her nose and expelled the cause: a safety pin, United Press International and ABC News reported.

Khloe Powell, of Hemet, California, was examined by three different doctors who determined she was suffering from sinus infections and prescribed her antibiotics.

Her mother, Katelyn Powell, said the antibiotics had no effect on her runny nose.

Finally, Khloe’s uncle had the girl blow her nose last weekend.

"My brother was like, 'Your nose, it's disgusting. Blow your nose, blow your nose.' And she blows it and out comes the safety pin," Katelyn Powell said.

The pin was about 1.5 inches long, black and partially disintegrated.

Katelyn Powell said her daughter had apparently stuck the object in her nose and didn’t realize that it had become lodged there, UPI reported.

The mother said she doesn't blame any of the doctors for not catching the pin, which she thinks was likely missed because it was "high up in Khloe's nose and covered in mucus," ABC News reported.

Khloe is feeling much better since the pin came out of her nose, her mother said.


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