4-H Animals Killed in Apparent Dog Attack

Sep 26, 2013 7:16 PM

Two 4-H animals are dead in an apparent stray dog attack in Los Molinos.

The incident happened Tuesday evening, when the Drury family arrived home to a dead goat and lamb, both of which were going to be shown in the Tehama District Fair this weekend.

The Drury kids have taken care of a goat and lamb since May, getting them ready for the fair this weekend.

Not only were they looking forward to showing them, but they actually grew close with the animals.

“There were two strange dogs in the yard. They were a little bit bloody, and said both 4-H animals were dead,” said Tim Drury, the owner of the animals.

The victims were a goat and a lamb that were going to be shown by the kids at the Tehama District Fair this weekend.

“It was tough and frustrating to see because all the hard work I put into it was gone,” said TC Drury, who took care of the goat.

The suspects are two dogs, a Great Dane and a pit bull.

Drury says the dogs broke into a secure pen and had at it with the farm animals.

“They would be perfect play toys for a dog to go out and have fun and just ravage them.”

“I felt guilt because if we were there sooner, we could have done something,” TC Drury said.

The Tehama County's animal shelter told me there was no evidence that these dogs could have done this. There was no blood or scratches when they were brought in.

Tehama County Sheriff's Office is still investigating. In the meantime, TC is doing his best to have some fun this weekend.

Tehama county Animal Services tells Action News Now the dogs suspected of killing the farm animals are "well-mannered" and there isn't any evidence that they could have done this. The pit bull has been claimed by its owner, and the Great Dane has no known owner at the moment.


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