32nd Annual Redding Air Show preview

Sep 25, 2014 8:33 PM

The skies above Redding were buzzing with different jets and planes today, ahead of the 32nd annual Redding Air Show .

It may not look or sound like much now, but come this weekend the Redding Municipal Airport will turn into a roaring hotbed of performing aircraft.

"We're one of the few shows in the us that has a jet demo team and a jet single ship demo."

He's referring to the Canadian Snowbirds and the F18's of course -- the biggest attraction this weekend.

They'll also have private stunt planes performing.

"In addition to all the performers, we have vintage military equipment on the ground...we're gonna have the warbirds...a B25..."

Aircraft aficionados can come and get their fix and learn a little history lesson, too.

"We have a Hellcat and a Zero...they fought their way across the pacific in World War II and they'll be having a dog fight here in Redding..."

Wednesday night's rain put the show up in the air, but after the skies cleared up earlier this afternoon the show is still a go.

The rain delayed much of the set up for Thursday according to Wagner -- he says there's a lot to be done in the next 48 hours.

"This is three years in the making, trying to get the jet team to come to Redding -- this will be the third weekend setting up, fencing, chalets, marking out areas..."

The opening ceremony will begin Saturday around 11 a.m.
Wagner says the last air show in 2011 netted Redding one million dollars.
For more information on where you can buy tickets to the air show, visit: http://reddingairshow.org/secure/tickets.htm


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