30th Annual Wildflower Century Bike Ride

May 1, 2011 12:12 PM

The 30th annual Wildflower Century Bike Ride rolls thousands of people into Chico from around the country, Canada, and some from as far away as Europe..

Katie says, "About 75% of the riders come from outside of the Chico area.. So were looking at a huge number of people coming into Chico from outside the area for this bike ride.."

With a whopping 4 thousand people already pre-registered for the event, coordinators are expecting this year to be bigger than ever.. "This is the largest number of pre-registers we've ever seen.. We'll probably go over our record number this weekend," Katie says.

As the number of bike riders increases each year, so to does the amount of revenue poured into the local economy..

Oxford Suites Housekeeping Manager, Christy Harris says, "We just love to have people come here and Wildflower is one of our biggest sell out weekends." All 184 rooms at the Oxford Suites were booked for the weekend..

But it's not just hotels who are seeing the economic gain. Local businesses like Sierra Nevada are packed solid through the weekend. Which is something most of the out-of-towners look forward to..

Paul McAdams, rider from Virginia Beach, VA says, "Sierra Nevada, that's a big draw.. The weathers great, the terrain's really nice, especially this time of year.. It does have the flowers the greenery."

The event not only boosts the economy, it also helps shed light on Chico life..

Rider from Oakland, William Blomquist says, "All the local shops, restaurants.. It's important part of the whole experience." Katie says, "They come for the bike ride.. They fall in love with Chico.. They love the brewery, they love the downtown, they love the activities, and they'll come back again."


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