$20 million approved for new Shasta County jail

Jan 21, 2014 9:03 PM

Shasta County will be getting $20 million dollars to build a much needed 64-bed adult rehabilitative center.

"There's a huge need. We've been at maximum at our jail, and with the efforts of prison realignment, AB 109, that's only made the problem worse," Sheriff Tom Bosenko said.

AB 109 forces the county to house offenders who would've formerly been sentenced to state prison.

Currently, the county pays around $500,000 a year for each inmate housed at other jails.

The new facility, which will be built along Breslauer Way in South Redding, will focus on rehabilitative services.

"Rehabilitation is imperative if prison realignment is going to be successful. For decades and decades the prison system has locked up people and warehoused them, essentially," Sheriff Bosenko said.

Now, the county, and the state, hope to work on lessening the odds that offenders will commit new crimes after they've been released.

Once the center is up and running, it'll cost the county at least $2 million a year to operate.

Sheriff Bosenko estimates that the project will take three to four years, with groundbreaking expected for 2015.


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