"2 English Ladies" seeking community support to expand business

Feb 4, 2014 10:35 PM

You've probably seen them out at the Thursday Night Market in Chico, or come across their products in local shops throughout the north state. Pat Holdstock and her daughter, Claire Stephens, started their business Two English Ladies in 2010. It didn't take long for their labor of love to take off.

"We've been growing at a 20-30% ratio each year in production. So, we're anticipating more than that this year," says Stephens.

They sell everything from tea, scones, and shortbread to a traditional english spread called curd. Almost everything is made from scratch. The duo started cooking the curd in one gallon pots, but now they're up to 40 gallon kettles that can produce up to 500 jars at a time. They've already outgrown two kitchens in just three years. Due to the high demand for their products, Claire and Pat are looking to raise $10,000 through the website "Kickstarter" so they can purchase new equipment. They currently do just about everything by hand.

"We actually have stores contacting us further away that we would like us to supply them, but that's where the equipment comes into play of being more efficient," says Holdstock.

They have to raise all of the money by February 23rd, or they won't get any of it. Anything extra will go towards equipment to make printing their labels more efficient. Pat and Claire are hopeful the same community support they've received over the years will help them out once again.


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