18 Measure A complaints so far; Durham Worm Farm will take hit

Mar 6, 2015 7:43 PM by Brian Johnson

After Wednesday's large-scale pot bust in Oroville, Butte County Code Enforcement Officers released information on how many complaints they've received for possible Measure A violations.

They've had 18 total complaints, only three of which resulted in citations for the property owner.

Another six cases are still active, and two others got into compliance when growers pulled their plants on the spot.

"Mainly right now we're dealing with indoor grows," said Butte County Code Enforcement Supervisor Chris Jellison. "So they're looking at the detached structure, they're looking at if it's permitted and within that structure, they're going to check and see if they're growing within the guidelines."

The owner of Durham Worm Farm said some of his customers are growers, and at least ten are moving out of state.

"I've even picked up soil from their location and relocated it out of state, so yes it is moving," John Stewart said.

Stewart said he's also exploring new opportunities, and plans to open a worm farm in Oregon soon.

All three property owners who received a $500 fine for being out of compliance have paid the county.


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