16th Annual Snow Goose Festival

Jan 21, 2015 7:54 PM by Jason Atcho

The 16th Annual Snow Goose Festival is now underway to showcase the beautiful display of migratory birds across the North State. Organizers say thousands of visitors, from across the country and internationally, will make the trip to see the variety of waterfowl, particularly the snow goose. "We just celebrate the fact that we're in this fabulous, spectacular area where we have wintering waterfowl in the millions," said Jennifer Patten, Coordinator for the Snow Goose Festival.

The conditions in our area make it a prime location for the birds to make camp for the winter. "Lots of feed, mild climate, and overall the vastness of our valley floor, " explained Patten.

Marilynn Scott of Santa Rosa made her annual trip to see the birds, in particular the snow goose. "When they lift off in a cloud. Beautiful white colors in the sky. It's quite exciting to see this and fun for the kids. You're just like ‘wow'".

Besides the snow goose, many other waterfowl attract visitors to the North State. "We have millions of ducks, geese, tundra swans, and sand hill cranes that spend the winter here. So it's just all about the waterfowl," said Patten.

Even after nearly 20 years of making the trip, Scott says she's still amazed. "The massive numbers of birds that are here. The pintails are just beautifully elegant birds. It's very exciting."

The first year of the Snow Goose Festival only lasted for two days and had 12 events. Now the festival lasts five days and hosts nearly 70 field trips and workshops. "They not only tell you about the birds. They'll tell you about the history, the geology that you're looking at, the plants and the trees, and other animals. So you're going to learn a lot going out with a bird guide or taking one of our workshops," explained Patten.

You can find more information by clicking here or calling 530-345-1865.


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