15th Annual Monster Concert Comes To Life

Feb 3, 2014 12:51 PM

Dozens of North State piano students took to the stage at the Neighborhood Church in Chico on a Saturday afternoon. Action News Now reporter Rick Carhart was there to bring us the sound of the 15th annual "Monster Concert".

nats music

156 talented kids, from the age of five to high school seniors, filled the Neighborhood Church stage with the sound of music.

Matthew says, "I really just enjoy music in general and I thought this would be a fun way to express that."

The experience is different for everyone... from first year students like Matthew Sylvia... to veteran Madison See... playing in her ninth Monster Concert.

Madison says, "I remember when I was looking up at the big kids, and I look down at the little kids and say you guys are cute and adorable and you're great at this and you can be whatever you want to be when you play the piano."

The theme for this year's concert was "Disney Music and Other Favorites"... and the type of music selected for these shows makes all the difference.

Music Director Marci Pittman says, "you can't help but get excited about Disney music, and the kids love it so they're all really excited about playing it."

Each student is taught by one of 23 different piano teachers throughout the year... and they only rehearse together a couple times before sharing the 16 pianos on stage.

Summer says, "I sometimes feel really nervous but it's really fun especially when it's done to say you did it."

Summer Roy and her mom Sandy played in a one of the favorite songs each year called the Family Piece.

Sandy says, "I'm so excited, and it's been really fun to practice together, and she's the pro, she's been doing this for four years."


Marci says, "it's really fun to see the kids who come back year after year. You see them grow up and really mature as musicians."

The Monster Concert idea isn't unique to this area... but most other concerts of this type take place in big cities. It's a very small group of dedicated individuals who work year-round to make this show possible.

Marci says, "the next one will start in February. We'll start choosing music and figure out what our theme is and it goes from there... It's a massive undertaking."


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