15-Year Olds Sexually Assaulted in Paradise

Aug 16, 2011 7:31 PM

A 15-year old girl is hospitalized after being violently attacked and sexually assaulted in Paradise early Friday morning, and she wasn't the only girl attacked that night. Another 15-year old girl was also assaulted and police believe they have the 17-year old juvenile responsible for at least one of the attacks in custody.
Police say the incidents happened around one Friday morning near the Paradise High School. Police weren't notified about the attack on one of the girls until hours later, and then received word on Saturday another girl was hospitalized at the Feather River Hospital. Police are not saying how seriously that girl is injured, but sources tell Action News she has major injuries, and has since been transferred to a hospital in Oakland for treatment.
Police say both girls appear to have been sexually assaulted and they believe the crimes are related. They have arrested a 17-year old male which they now have in custody at juvenile hall. "An investigation identified a 17-year old juvenile male as being responsible for at least one of the sexual assaults of the 15-year old girl that reported it on Friday", said Sgt. Steve Rowe for the Paradise Police Department.
As far as whether the suspect knew either of the girls and was even responsible for both attacks, police are not saying. They do believe other suspects were involved in the incident and are trying to identify them.
Police also say the girls were not able to tell them exactly where the attacks took place, they say all they know is that it was near the high school.


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