13 Year Old Skyler Milner Taken Off Life Support

Jun 3, 2013 1:37 AM

Skyler Milner's father Brett Boman says he can't believe that his son is gone. He says he expected his son to be at a friend's house on Friday night, and didn't realize there was a problem until Saturday when he called Skyler's friend's home to ask if he needed a ride. When he found out Skyler never made it over, he started calling area hospitals. The people at Enloe told him to call Paradise police, and that's when he was asked to come down and identify Skyler's watch and shoes. Doctors told him Skyler had very little brain function left, and he made the decision to harvest his organs. He says Skyler had Asperger's Syndrome, and was very shy when he was younger. But recently, he had discovered running, and was planning to run track next year in 9th grade. He was on a run Friday when he was hit in a crosswalk when a driver didn't see him. A memorial fund will be set up to help Brett pay for medical and funeral expenses.


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