1,000-foot-long Slip 'N Slide heading to Redding

Apr 22, 2015 7:21 PM by Charlene Cheng

15,000 gallons of water is enough to fill up a small swimming pool, or run a Slip 'N Slide down Placer Street in Redding for one day.

"This is the bottom right here. This is Chestnut. It goes all the way up to Orange Street, so past Schreder Planetarium, almost all the way up to the Grace Presbyterian Church," event co-organizer Rocky Slaughter said.

That's the vision that he and Viva Downtown's Brandon Benting presented to the Redding City Council.

It's a one-day event they're calling the "Refresh Festival," with the mission of raising awareness for water conservation.

"This campaign is capitalizing on the news trend of the drought to turn the message on its head. Get people out, educate them, and find a way to solve the problem. This should be a tool for the 35% water reduction the city's going to have to have as part of Governor Brown's new regulation," Slaughter said.

The temporary slide will be set up by Slide the City, which has taken part in similar events in other towns.

Organizers say they plan on recycling the water used, which is just one of the reasons the city council member Kristen Schreder got on board.

"What's really important for us is to engage and understand the importance of water conservation. So we'll have two and a half months of a really focused campaign led by two energetic people in our community to help us understand better about what we can do about conservation," she said.

Some people are concerned about the message a giant water slide sends, but an anticipated 6,000 people showing up and buying tickets at $15 to $20 each, results in a good chunk of money to donate to conservation projects.

"We're trying to put Redding on the map of California as a centerpiece of positive change. We're owning the drought, making a positive change, and having fun while doing it," Slaughter said.


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