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R-Town's Armed Guards Start Patrolling Downtown Chico

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Updated: 11/04/2013 5:50 pm

Armed guards started patrolling downtown Chico property today.

The armed guards are with AG Private Protection. They will be patrolling "private property" downtown.

They've been hired by “R-Town,” a coalition of downtown business and property owners concerned with a relatively new feeling of bad behavior downtown.

Doug Guillon said volunteers and paid employees also make up R-Town and they were out cleaning the streets this morning.

The idea behind R-Town, Guillon said, is to make downtown what it used to be, a "jewel" of Chico.

“Everyone can see it. There's no question. There's an element that should not be down there displaying a lot of anti-social behavior, and it's going to stop,” Guillon said.

R-Town's efforts will continue through the end of December.

After that, Guillon said the city needs to take charge by passing a "sit and lie" ordinance.

He also said the real solution is a downtown "district" that functions like a shopping center.

Guillon plans on being at tomorrow night's city council meeting and says we can expect both of those proposals to be discussed.

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hotfoot69 - 11/7/2013 4:12 AM
0 Votes
mramsey: Jerks, punks, idiots, bastards?? At first sir I felt you just were a little insecure with all of the name calling. Then I became to understand your fear. Your fear that you understand you would neither have the guts-the patients-the caring nature to pin on a badge and walk the walk. I do not look down at you while you sit safe in mommy's basement playing the newest video games. I understand that is where you feel safe to call out degrading names to an idea you have no clue about, no steel for your actually to attempt (it is safer killing aliens on the x box)to get out on the street and help. I am just wasting O2 here, just another armchair hero. You do not even deserve a unicorn. P.S. come out on the street and test your "words" and watch how they will laugh at you while recognizing your weakness. I will take your bet right here and now. 60 days henceforth when there has been NO shooting incident, you put your money where your ass is and come down to the city plaza. you as the loser will then be oiled, and feathered and must then run four laps around the plaza. ahhh you won't show when proven wrong. just another little boy spouting hateful words. Cause you will lose.

hotfoot69 - 11/7/2013 3:54 AM
0 Votes
commonsense: Please post FACTS, not vague "from what I can gather" Um have you seen there tactics in application yet? or do you go to your nit-wit hat to draw out random papers as "heavy handed of armed security is a bit much" Oh also speak to some of the police officers when they have the latitude to speak freely, most are in support. I am on pins and needles waiting for you to un-shroud the supposed "cloud" the company founders left under. Do not be a slanderous little scrub, post FACTS with reference. If you cannot grow a set, and deal with facts, I think rsylvia maybe can take you on a unicorn ride..

hotfoot69 - 11/7/2013 3:41 AM
0 Votes
rsylvia."increase in police presence? Really? which money tree does the city go to and add the officers they are behind right now? The police are understaffed and overworked right now. So go get on your unicorn and go pick us some money to assist. OR come on down and volunteer yourself and give a new idea to work. Or again sit safely on your futon stuffing bon-bons into your face and just sit and whine.

rsylvia - 11/5/2013 5:06 PM
0 Votes
I believe this groups actions are unwarranted when compared to the issue attempting to be solved. If the behavior being displayed in the downtown area was illegal and truly a problem for the City of Chico as a whole (not just downtown business owners), the proper action to take would be an increase in police presence. From my perspective this is simply the action of disgruntled business owners who feel like the unfortunate are standing in the way of their fortune. I understand that the downtown and Chico economy has taken a turn for the worse since the recession, and steps SHOULD be taken, but I do not believe behavior in the downtown area is a factor. In my opinion, this is a misguided effort that has too many potential downsides to be allowed.

commonsense - 11/5/2013 1:43 PM
0 Votes
From what I have been able to gather about the company. The owners have been law enforcement and left under a cloud with the departments. Their training instructor was fired from the sheriff department for playing around with his gun and pulling it on another officer for fun. Then he quit before he was charged with criminal behavior from the police department as well. I am for guns but I think this is a bad idea. I know there have been many of the businesses that are NOT for this. I agree there needs to be something done but I think the heavy handed of ARMED SECURITY is a little much. You get a lot more done with words than with force. The one question I have is who will be legally responsible for anything. The city, the district, business owners or what. Remember these people are homeless and get free legal services. It costs little to nothing to file the suit. From what I understand the Police is not really crazy about the idea either.

MRamsey - 11/5/2013 8:24 AM
0 Votes
P.S it's not R town it's OuR town...even the homeless...

MRamsey - 11/5/2013 8:21 AM
0 Votes
Just great a bunch of trigger happy jerks with guns... you give people weapons they will abuse the power... have they been trained??? I give it 60 days before there is a shooting involving one of these rent a cops... why do they need weapons for the homeless...with the money spent on these punks you could have donated to an organization that helps get the homeless off the streets have you rich people thought of that??? helping the situation instead of worsting it... you think weapons being present are going to attract shoppers or make us feel safer??? think again!!! you guys got this idea from the coalition up in shasta county...look what just happened...your going to turn downtown into the wild wild west...you freaking idiots need to think about consequences instead of profit...self centered bastards!!!
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